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In past years it has been our practice to send letters of acknowledgement to all our Planned Giving contributors. However, at our last Parish Finance Committee Meeting, Fr. Jaybee pointed out that we were overlooking the equally valuable gifts we receive by way of the loose collections. Rather than letters this year, he has asked that we express our gratitude for every offering we received. In total, for year ended 30th June 2023, that amounted to $125,584.00. This represented approximately two thirds of our total income of $205,863, which excluding the transactions that were related to the presbytery sale and build, produced a small surplus for the twelve months of some $1,988. When Fr Jaybee returns from his current Long Service Leave, we will present a more detailed account, including the final presbytery outcome. In the meantime, he was anxious that we express heartfelt appreciation for the generosity that allows our Parish to look forward to the years ahead. Again, thank you all and should anyone require a summary of their planned giving, please contact the Parish Office. Tony Wheeler for the Parish Finance Committee


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