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Catenian Koffee Klub

Meets on the 4th Sunday of each month at 11.30am at ’The Esplanade’ for coffee and/or a meal.

No gathering for the month of March.

All Local members are now Registered with the Catenian Central Circle 381.We meet on the 4th Sunday each month at the Esplanade Hotel at 11.30am for a cup of coffee and a meal. All men of the parish are welcome to come and join us for a Cuppa. We now act as a social group, as we do not have enough local men to still operate as a Catenian Circle as some of our members are unwell and could not attend a structured meeting any more. At all our monthly social meetings (Koffee Klub) our wives and friends are always welcome to come and join us. For more info contact: George Bazzica 0419933720


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