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All Masses will take place in the grounds of Our Lady of the Bay Church, and although some chairs will be available, you are encouraged to bring a foldup chair with you. Why outside? We wish to give Parishioners and visitors alike the gift of celebrating Christmas. This way we can ensure no one is turned away.

Christmas Eve:

6.00pm Mass - Children are invited to join in the Christmas Spirit, and come dressed as shepherds and angels or even the donkey. Father would love you to join him in the Procession as Mass begins. Adults are encouraged to garb themselves with a twinkle in their eye and a sparkly smile (they’ll go nicely with your tinsel, bells and reindeer antlers). And maybe bring some insect repellent! -You just never know. 8.30pm - Christmas Carols. Bring a torch and it will be our very own ‘Carols by Candlelight’. 9.00pm Mass - Just in case the wind amps up, you might like to carry a shawl or jumper. Christmas Day:

9.00am Mass - A hat and sunscreen will definitely be needed; it’s forecast to be a sunny day.


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