1. Nominations for Parish Pastoral Council: If you feel you may be called in furthering the work of our Parish Pastoral Council or you would like to recommend someone, please talk to Fr Jaybee or phone / email the Parish Office. A Pastoral Council seeks to enrich the quality of parish life and provide opportunities for parishioners to grow in holiness; and to discover and live out their personal and community call to mission. Our Pastoral Council can be the cement that binds us all together in love as a family to carry out the Gospel message. Parish Pastoral Council’s first meeting for the year will be on Wednesday, 9 February. They meet every second Wednesday of the month between 7-8pm.

2. ParishReligiousPreparationProgram: Catholicchildrenwhodonot attend Catholic schools are prepared through a Parish Religious Preparation Program (PREP) to receive the sacraments at the appropriate ages. Classes will be held after school either in one of our Parish Centres or in a room at SMMC prior to the Sacraments of First Reconciliation, First Eucharist and Confirmation are received.. Please see Father if you are interested in helping out for the 2022 year. These children will be the future of the Church. Prayerfully consider if this may be your calling.