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Parishioners who feel unwell should not attend Mass, and are excused from their normal obligation.

Parishioners who feel they may be at risk of infection if they go to Mass, should refrain from attending Mass and are excused their normal obligation.

Priests and parishioners who attend Mass should practice good hygiene (cover mouths and noses when sneezing, coughing etc), refrain from touching their face or mouth, and refrain from shaking hands with others before or after Mass.

Many people are aware of the precautions you can take to help reduce your risk of getting sick. The same precautions can also help reduce the spread of coronavirus, in turn reducing its toll on elderly people and those with other health conditions, who are most likely to become severely ill. Medical experts agree it’s important for everyone to follow the guidelines. Please think of others in all you do; and plese, please, please follow all the guidelines.


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