Dear Parishioners I want to thank you all most sincerely for your prayerful support this past three years for the success of the Plenary Council. It was a deeply touching experience of the Lord guiding his Church in Australia. It was also a deeply unifying experience of the Holy Spirit - an experience I doubt anyone present can express in words. It was a grace filled moment in Church history in Australia. People with very different views at the start found themselves more unified and understanding of alternative views. This was due to the many moments of silent and shared prayer during discussions. I am aware of the media comment on the Council by ‘experts’ who were not present at the Plenary Council and there has been much misrepresentation. Please take all media reports with a heavy dose of salt. Next week I will write to you all about the real Council. It was a marvellous once in a life time celebration. But I did not want to delay my sincerest thanks to all of your for your prayers and support. God bless, Bishop Gerard