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Dear Brothers and Sisters With the lifting of all Covid restrictions by the State Government, the Diocesan restrictions related to Covid are now lifted also. The Diocese has always followed public health advice and is doing so again. This means that now there are no restrictions in the celebrations of liturgies. This includes the reception of Holy Communion on the tongue. However, I ask those receiving Holy Communion on the tongue to approach the priest or minister last out of loving consideration for others who will still be nervous about receiving Communion in the normal way after them. I realise that there remains controversy about this idea in other places, but our priority needs to be love for each other and leaving debates outside of our churches. In conclusion, as a painful chapter in world history is closing in Australia, let us remember that many Catholics across the world are deprived of the Eucharist for persecution and other reasons. Let us pray for them daily. God bless, Bishop Gerard

From the Parish Office: Although the Bishop did not change his letter, a further email from him had the following restrictions for Parishes to be aware of: No Communion from the Chalice, Unvaccinated Deacons, Acolytes and EMHC cannot distribute Communion; and Baptismal Water should be fresh for each person. (So not quite no restrictions, okay?)


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