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The Miracle of Language

God created the world with a word, Scripture tells us. God spoke the word BE, and all that is came into being. In the same way, God spoke divinity into human form when Jesus the Word “became flesh and dwelt among us”. Finally, the Spirit of Holiness becomes available to us when Jesus breathes the simple words, “Receive the Holy Spirit”. The gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit are defined by lists of words that school children memorise, but behind those words are powerful realities. Invoking the Spirit of joy, peace, patience, and love will create quite a different world than the one invoked by anger, bitterness, and indifference. Lives are bound together or drawn apart by words spoken or withheld. Stewardship over the power of words is a holy reality. Look up the fruits of the Spirit in Galatians 5: 22 - 23. How many of these are expressed in your life? (Source: GPBSeNews)


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