Pope Francis asks everyone to pray that today’s families may be accompanied with love, respect and guidance. He says: The family ought to be protected. It faces many dangers: the fast pace of life, stress... Sometimes, parents forget to play with their children. The Church needs to encourage families and stay at their side, helping them to discover ways that allow them to overcome all of these difficulties. Let us pray that today’s families may be accompanied with love, respect and guidance, and especially, that they may be protected by the State. ------ It is significant that Pope Francis does not pray directly for families but prays that they may be accompanied. This suggests that families cannot do it alone but need support in their living. They do not want people to tell them how they should live, nor people to criticise them for their failures, nor people to fuss over them. He prays they will find companions: people who will share a cuppa with them, listen, muck in when they want to do something together, share their happiness, their grief, and the mess of their lives without judgment. Finally, companions can offer guidance that has a chance of being accepted, because it comes from a friend. Guidance show a way forward, sometimes by talking about it but more often indirectly through casual conversation and by a way of being present. It is about showing and not telling. It is a privilege to have a companion in hard times. That is why Pope Francis prays that families will find one. It is also a privilege to be a companion. At the end of Pope Francis, intention, one question is left hanging. Who will be a companion if I won’t? Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ (excerpts from Australian Catholic)

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