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There are many, many ways you can help out in the Parish. These are just a few.

  • Put your hand up to help during the weekend Masses. (We are always looking for Greeters, Readers, Commentators, Collectors, and Gift Bearers) Or perhaps you have a child considering being an altar server???? Or would like to join the Children’s Liturgy group helping to impart the faith to our youngsters at the 9am Mass? Or would like to press some buttons on the laptop?

  • Maybe you are an outdoors type and would be happier helping Greg and Di keep the grounds of both churches ship-shape. (A simple job would be picking up bits of litter on your way in or out of church.)

  • Perhaps you might want to work off some calories and whittle your waist by going on a cleaning roster?

  • Only available at night? We have the Parish Pastoral Council and Liturgy Committees meeting then. Or maybe being part of an RCIA team would help your thirst for living the joys of the Gospel?

However you would like to minister, please contact the Parish Office.


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