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Have you ever wondered about the origin of our Eucharistic celebration today? How it was done in the time of Christ and the stories that went along its celebration? Are you interested to know something about the Jewish Passover meal which Christ Himself celebrated with his Apostles in the Upper Room giving them the mandate to “do this in remembrance of me?” As part of our preparation for our Easter Festivities, the Parish is organising a Paschal Meal in the Time of Christ to give us a glimpse of the origin of our Eucharistic celebration. As this is a sacred liturgy for the Jewish people, we will be doing the ceremonies according to their prescription keeping before us the respect and honour Jesus himself had as he leads his apostles in prayer. Our goal is to understand the beginnings of our Eucharistic celebration to have a greater appreciation of what we come to offer and partake of every weekend in our Masses. Please come along and join us in the Parish Paschal Meal. Please come along and join us in the Parish Paschal Meal to be held in the Parish Centre of Our Lady of the Bay on Wednesday, 29 March at 6.00pm. Adults - $10 Children – free. RSVP: It is most important you contact the Parish Office by phone or email by Thursday, 23 March, 4pm, with the number of people in your family (adults and children) attending for catering purposes. Alternately write down this info on the sheet in the foyer. Don’t leave it and miss your chance of attending.


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