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Lord God, We pray for the Diocese of Bunbury as we await and prepare for the appointment of a new Bishop. Send your spirit on our Church and open our hearts and minds to your will. We pray that your spirit guides those who are discerning the needs of our Church and selecting the pastor needed to respond to them. Give them wisdom, understanding and counsel. We pray that your spirit anoints our new bishop so that he can work towards renewal in the Church, unite our people, and lead us faithfully in love, truth and goodness. We pray you give him a shepherd’s heart and fill him with fortitude, wisdom and mercy. We pray in thanksgiving for Bishop Emeritus Gerard Holohan and his service to us as Bishop of Bunbury. May he find rest and reward in you. During this time of change and transition, we ask you Lord God to guide us, the people of the Diocese of Bunbury, and sustain and animate us with your Spirit. Saint Mary of the Cross Mackillop - Pray for Us Amen (“Sede vacante” translates as the “the See is vacant”. It identifies that there is no current Bishop of Bunbury at this time.)


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