28/3/2020 Update

Please note the Pilgrimage has been cancelled due to Coronavirus Pandemic.

20/3/2020 Update

The Archdiocese of Perth will make the decision on Friday as to whether the relics of St Therese and her parents Sts Louis and Zelie will visit Perth. Their decision will effect whether the relics come to the Bunbury Diocese and thus our Parish on May 3, 2020.

13/3/2020 Post

The relics of St Therese and her parents Sts Louis and Zelie are approaching Bunbury after wonderful receptions around Australia. Time to start arranging your pilgrimage to visit the relics in Mandurah (30 April / 1 May), Bunbury (1-3 May) and Busselton (3-4 May).

Let Deborah (details on brochure) know as soon as possible

if you could use low cost accommodation in Busselton or Dardanup.

Follow the journey on the Catholic Mission website https:// A9r%C3%A8se-of-lisieux and further details on brochure at back of Church.

The Mandurah Welcome Mass will be streamed through Facebook so all the Diocese can participate. Details to follow.Rosters are now in the church to slot your name against a time to pray with,

visit and venerate the relics which will be arriving at Our Lady of the Bay Church on Sunday, 3 May at 5.30pm and leaving to return to the Perth Archdiocese at 1.30pm on the Monday.It is important to commit to an hour or two now, before the schedule is readjusted for Busselton.

We encourage all Parish groups to pledge a time frame for their members to come.

(The Legion of Mary and Liturgy Committee have committed to 8-9pm and 9-10pm respectively.)