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We pray not to work God around to our way of thinking. We pray to be worked around to God’s way of thinking.

We pray because God hangs around and will not go away.

We pray because God waits for us We pray because God hears our words,

sighs, screams, whispers, sobs & silence. We pray because to arrange life to suit ourselves no longer works. We pray because we are living in the solution, not the problem

We pray to remind ourselves we are no longer running the show, and ‘Thy will be done’. We pray because God can do for us what we cannot do for ourselves. We pray to endure the unendurable. We pray because we have the gift of desperation.

We pray because we are undisciplined. We pray to let God discipline us in the simple way of Jesus’ prayer. We pray because we have a friend in Jesus and a companion in the Spirit. We pray because of the fragile stance of faith, hope and love

We pray because Christ got through his living, loving,

suffering, dying and rising by praying ‘Our Father.....’


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