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Why do we ordain? Like a husband and father, a priest in the Catholic Church is called to a sacred, lifelong relationship of love; however instead of giving his love exclusively to one woman and to one family unit, he is called to give his love in a nonexclusive celibate manner to the community in his care. Through the sacrament of holy orders, priests are called to empower the gifts of the community into a workable whole. They live out their baptism through a specific mission of leadership, service, prayer and teaching. In the midst of the community, the priest stands as a sacred sign, a sacrament of Christ, the Good Shepherd, who personally cares for his people. The priest also stands as a witness to the Holy Spirit’s action in the Church. The Spirit continually breathes life into the community and guides it to ever new depths of unity and faith. (The Story Source 1993)

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