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On speaking of what they learnt through the Pandemic ..... At the same time as each one was able to renew individual prayer, we realised that nothing can replace the beauty of brothers and sisters who come together to pray.

Bishop Benoit Alowonou (Togo)

Truly when we get out of our chairs to help someone else, we are being missionary disciples of Jesus. We are involved in a bigger project than we imagined. We are involved in God’s life and love as the Trinity.

Fr Trevor Trotter (Columban Mission Society)

Said on the first day the new National Security Law was in force Never lose hope. Jesus’ cross is a sign of faith. Jesus’ cross is a symbol of suffering, yet also a symbol of joy. It is a symbol of weakness, yet of strength. A symbol of sin, yet of grace; persecution, yet purification; of death, yet resurrection.

Bishop Ha Chi-shing (Hong Kong)

We bow and genuflect before the cross; venerate the cross; but it is in carrying the cross we find the peace of human dignity that no earthly power can touch.

Fr Jim Mulroney (Columban E-Bulletin)


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