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Finance Committee

Analysing Data
Committee Members

Tony Wheeler

Property & Maintenance Officer

Greg Smith

Book Keeper

Margaret Wheeler


Fr Jaybee

Fr Nathan

Peta Somma

Marketing of Investment Lot

Having obtained advice from local professionals and the Diocesan Resources Committee, a decision has been made to market the Parish owned vacant lot next to the Presbytery in Cloister's. 


Consideration was given to constructing and selling units on the property, but the risk was assessed as unacceptable when all aspects were taken into account.


Professional opinion has suggested that the lot in unlikely to appreciate markedly in the foreseeable future and the addition of additional to Parish reserves will increase available interest income to cope with ever increasing property mainenance and the need to expand our pastoral reach.


Re-Location of the Parish Presbytery


Initial concept plans to construct duplex style residences on the O.L.B. site were viewed and considerable dialogue took place with to providing suitable accommodation for our priests and the need to keep costs in line with the likely sale price of the current presbytery.    


Amended plans will be considered in light of these discussions and in the meantime an informal approach will be made to the City of Busselton to ascertain if there are any major problems with the proposed placement of the new building.


Further detail and plans will be made available for parishioners to view in due course, but as a first step, the project needs to be developed to a viable stage.

Parish Finance Committee

Posted 24/02/2016

The Parish Finance Committee met for the first time in 2016 on the 24th February last and were pleased to note that, to this point, our financial performance is well ahead of expectations.


Thanks to collections exceeding projections, income is ahead of budget by some  $3500 and, whilst expenditure is subject to some timing differences and the prospect of unplanned eventts which may result in drawdown of the provisions we have allowed in maintenance and repairs, we are currently well below estimates at this stage and, with over half of the year gone, this will enable us to consider additional projects between now and the 30th of June.


On the property side, quotes will be sought for an internal re-paint of St Joseph's Church, some new chairs purchased for the presiders at Our Lady of the Bay and, whilst major expenditure on the Parish Office could not be justified, we will endeavour to make the building more presentable within a modest budget.


A suggestion has also been made that the Parish might sponsor a local charitable organisation such as the Hospice, Women's Refuge or Lamp Inc. Busselton.  It would not be possible for the Parish to provide these sort of services in it's own right and supporting community initiaves would demonstrate concern on behalf of the Catholic Community.


Fr Nick will discuss further with the Parish Pastoral Council and parishioner consultation will be sought if there is support for the proposal.

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