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Our Vision

Growing in faith, inclusivity, and outreach, through openness


Faith is the reason we are all here. If we grow in our relationship with God, we also grow in our relationships with others in our Parish community. Through involvement in Liturgical life, Faith formation and Spiritual life we can develop our relationship with God and others. First and foremost as a parish community, we have to have faith. God invites us to be open and give outreach to others. If we reach out to others, we grow in faith. There is a cycle of openness and nourishment.


Outreach is something that currently occurs in our Parish, in many ways and by many people. Our vision for the Parish is to coordinate and continue our outreach programmes under the name of Joseph Care, in order to streamline the process to better meet all the needs of comminity members. This is a practical way that we can all live out our Parish visionby our simple actions showing care and concern for each other.


Inclusivity in our Parish refers to being welcoming, accepting of differences and including all people for who and what they are. It refers to all the ways that we reach out and include people in this Parish. Inclusivity means including all people in Liturgical life, Faith Formation, Social Life, Joseph Care and Parish realities.


Openness means being "open" to everyone in the Parish. It means having effective dialogue, collaboration and sharing of information. People need to know that there are means of communication and avenues to address or discuss issues. Openness also means that we are open to the Holy Spirit working in our lives, as we strive to grow in Faith, be inclusive to all and give outreach to those in need. 

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