Social Life

Reaching out to People

This commission is responsible for promoting family life and community life/spirit within the parish. Among its responsibilities are:

  • providing family life programs; informing parishioners of Diocesan family life and marriage programs and policies and aiding

  • in their implementation

  • planning and coordinating parish social activities.


Ministries typically associated with this commission are the following:


Other standing committees may be established by the pastor or pastoral council as appropriate, but care should be taken not to create more committees than are necessary to carry out the work of the Parish Social Life Commission.

Social Committee

The Social Committee is responsible for the following areas:

  • Publishing an accurate co-ordinators list on the back page of the Parish Bulletin, to ensure that people know who to contact for various ministries within the Parish.

  • Producing a ‘Parish Ministries’ booklet  that clearly outlines all the opportunities for involvement in our Parish.  

  • The Parish Website.  With the assistance of priests in the parish and the Media Ministry, this is an exciting new way of communicating our Parish news and activities with the wider community and also providing up to date information about Mass times and news and events.  

  • The provision of regular morning tea opportunities after Mass.  This is a great way to catch up and chat and build ‘community’ with each other.


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