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Just how often do we view and judge a situation from where we are standing and what our primary focus is at the time? When Di injured her back, I made sure to water the roses outside the parish office, and it became glaringly obvious that two spaces (usually unseen from the office window) needed to be filled. Last Tuesday, Greg and Di came to plant the donated roses (Mother’s Love and Double Delight). When I looked out, one of the roses was being planted in the ‘wrong’ spot. Out I went and pointed at the two spaces I had envisaged being filled. Di pointed to another two gaps on her side. When we both stepped back to eyeball the measurements, the spaces were much of a muchness. There were indeed four positions in need of a rose. So therein lies a little life lesson for us all (don’t dig yourself into a position or stance before looking at the bigger picture) and ...... does anyone want to donate a scented rose for the garden? ....... Just asking. Many thanks to Rosemary Ryan for ‘Mother’s Love’. (I’ll let you know when it is in bloom).


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