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As I begin to settle into my prayer time, I gently place myself before the Lord. Though I may not always be aware of God’s presence, I trust that he is constantly with me, loving me exactly as I am. I take a couple of deep breaths to help me become more still. I invite the Holy Spirit, the breath of life, to guide my prayer, and to open my heart wider to whatever God may wish to show me. I turn to the text. What am I noticing? What especially draws me? Perhaps Solomon’s concern for the people rather than for himself . . .? his humility and desire to serve . . .? Or the Lord’s gift of wisdom? Maybe I imagine myself in the young Solomon’s place, being told by the Lord, ‘Ask what you would like me to give you.’ I ponder what is going on in my life just now. How will I answer? What do I most want to have or to be? What matters most? I share my hopes and desires, my concerns and needs, openly with the Lord, confident he knows what is best for me. I listen to what he may be saying. I bring my prayer slowly to a close, expressing my gratitude for all that I have already received. Our Father . . . (Source: St Beuno’s Outreach, the Diocese of Wrexham, UK)


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