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A word from Fr Jaybee

Unfathomed reality Greetings of peace brothers and sisters... Ever since my childhood, I have heard people say, ‘life is full of mystery.’ Why mystery? Because in life, there are lots of things and events that puzzle us. We encounter many unanswered questions. As we grow older, we come to realise how complicated this journey we call life is. It is said, ‘the more knowledge we acquire, the more questions we have.’ We wonder about the many unanswered questions we have, as we encounter the incredible circumstances, events, and realities of our lives. We have a few examples on our own, like a man who was branded the most horrible man in the place. But when that person died, people talked about the good things he did in his life and forgot the bad side of him. We seldom now hear of the horrible things he did. At the moment, we are facing another incredible reality, the covid-19 pandemic. It’s hard to believe that this pandemic crippled the whole world. Countries, cities, and towns closed borders and boundaries. We could not even meet and talk to our relatives, especially the oldies due to quarantine restrictions. It is hard to believe but it’s the reality. Many of us say this is unacceptable, but it’s real. Many things happened around us that seemed impossible. Many of us were surprised, but this is not new. Though it is hard to believe, we must accept it. Often, we do not understand things, like when we pray, we ask the Lord to free us from trials, difficulties, and sufferings. We forget that even Jesus, the Son of God, suffered and had difficulties of his own. He is the beloved Son of God, but he suffered a lot instead of receiving any special treatment. He had no place to lay down his head, and yet he grants a bountiful place for those who have faith in him. Though weary, he refreshes those who are tired and overburdened. Though hungry himself, he feeds thousands of hungry people. Though he suffered, he heals the sufferings of humanity. He is a carpenter by trade but commanded the fishermen who had caught nothing the whole night, to lower their nets; and they were then unable to haul the net in because of the large number of fish. He is a Rabbi/Master, but he serves his followers by washing their feet. We believe in the unseen God and we experience concrete manifestations of his presence and witness heaps of miracles in our lives. God bless us all...


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