Today is the 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time and the day that the Australian Bishops and our National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Catholic Council have invited us to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sunday. Our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Catholics number over 130,000 and are growing strongly. Every year, Catholics come together across Australia to acknowledge and celebrate the gifts of Australia’s First peoples. This year is particularly important following the COVID 19 Pandemic and its impact on the ways in which we interacted and made contact with one another. NATSICC has decided to adopt the NAIDOC theme for 2021 – Heal Country. Today our world is in need of healing – environmentally, spiritually and socially. We must all come together as a global community to fight the injustices of inequality, racism and environmental damage. The NATSICC Logo depicts a willy willy, the wind force in the centre a symbol of God’s Spirit. The round concentric circles at the top symbolise God and Life, the base depicts men and women receiving the Holy Spirit. The logo was designed by Mrs. Olive Boddington, from Western Australia.