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There is a real need for reconciliation and healing among families affected by addictions. Be it drugs, alcohol, gambling, or any other form of addiction. To start this process, the Busselton Shire has kindly given to Fresh Start Recovery Program, a not for profit organisation headed and founded by Associate Professor of Addiction Medicine, Dr George O'Neil, the site at 132 Caves Road. Unfortunately, this is not quite habitable now, and requires tons of work. We need help as we are operating on a shoestring budget. (The $3M government grant goes directly into treating the addicts; and that actually requires $10M per year). We don't turn anyone away who needs help, and so find ourselves very cash strapped. Today, we ask for your generosity towards this great cause. We believe one addict saved, has a ripple effect that touches hundreds, if not thousands of other lives. A recovered addict will no longer deal, will be productive in mainstream society and will be better parents, sons, and daughters. Help us, help the community. Be like Christ. Let us not turn away all the little children, our addicts. You may contact me for further information at or 0424 220 915. All donations are tax deductible and receipts will be issued. --- To donate go to and mark your donation ‘Busselton Project’. Alternatively, please go to the website: and click on ‘Support Us’ for other ways of donating or call Darren at the Fresh Start Clinic on (08) 9381 1333. -- Christina has written a ‘faith story’. I will be attaching it with the mass mail out of the bulletin and other pieces of interest next month. (It is unfortunately, too long for inclusion in the weekend Parish Bulletin.) If you have not received any of our emailed bulletins and would like to, please contact the Parish Office.


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