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This is a morning seminar for all liturgical ministers, exploring more deeply the meaning of the Eucharist we celebrate Sunday after Sunday. While this gathering will not address the practice of the various liturgical ministries of the Mass, it will provide a deeper understanding of the Eucharist, and of our mission and call to holiness that flow from its fruitful celebration. This seminar will be useful for all who serve in the Liturgy, and will help us appreciate better the role entrusted to us by the Parish. Venue: Mandurah Parish Centre Date: Saturday Sept 18th 9.30am – 12 noon (please bring a plate for morning tea) Presenter: Fr Tony Chiera, Pastoral Office Bunbury Nearby parishes welcome to attend. Please phone Mandurah Parish to register 95812061 This Seminar will be live streamed for other Parishes throughout the Diocese.

If you wish to participate, the link is:

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