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Garrett’s Publishing, in their People of God Series, have featured Daniel Rudd - a political activist in the fledgling and dangerous civil rights movement, who spent his life trying to bring about positive social change during the early decades of the Jim Crow era. In this book, Gary Agee offers a compelling look at the life and work of Rudd, who found inspiration in his Catholic faith to fight for the principles of liberty and justice. Born into slavery, Rudd achieved success early on as the publisher of the American Catholic Tribune, one of the most successful black newspapers of its era, and as the founder of the National Black Catholic Congress, USA. As recent events have shown, the struggle for equality and justice is still ongoing across the globe. Now more than ever, Daniel Rudd's story is one all Christians need to hear. I have pre-ordered “Daniel Rudd - Calling a Church to Justice”. (Wait time 4-6 weeks.) If you would like to read it, please let me know and I will pass it along.


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