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This October, we are celebrating World Mission Month, a month dedicated to the life-giving work of missionaries around the world. This year, we walk hand-in-hand with the Church of Ethiopia and the local communities towards providing life-changing opportunities to those most in need. Today is World Mission Sunday and the opportunity for you to contribute to the Mission Appeal. The Deberety Goat Rearing Centre is a dream of the local Church and community in Emdibir. When established, the Centre aims to provide nutritious goats milk for families in need, like Neela’s, so that babies like Ajani can be healthy and strong. The Church and the community of Emdibir need support to construct, stock and run the farm. We invite you today to partner with this essential program which can bring hope to those in most need. Please give generously today by using the appeal envelope provide, going online at, or scanning the QR code (found on the envelopes or the poster in foyer).

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