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Church Collections

Dear Fellow Parishioners With the turmoil and confusion which is our world for the next few months, we understand how distressing it has been for all of us to see our Churches now closed to the sacraments. Especially during the present sacred season of Lent and Easter. Knowing this; we feel reluctant to raise the subject of giving and although we have done our best to cut expenditure, we hope you will understand that there are some outgoings which cannot be eliminated. These include payments for our utilities, some maintenance, the care of our Parish Priest and for the time being at least; the part time services of our Parish Secretary to provide a much needed communications link during these frightening times. Your generosity is and always has been, the main source of income for the Parish and whilst it is not being suggested that we would be incapable of functioning without it in the short term, some continued support will help us defer the use of our hard won reserves and also give us a greater capacity to cope with as yet unforeseen contingencies. That said, we are very much aware of the fact that many in our community have already suffered a personal loss of income and in no way do we wish to add to their burden. It is hoped though, that for those fortunate enough not to have had their lives disrupted in that fashion, that you might continue to assist and if so, we offer the following options for you to do so, on the understanding that as always, contributions remain confidential:

  1. Cheques drawn in favour of “Busselton Catholic Parish”. Either dropped in to the Parish Office or posted to Post Office Box 22, Busselton WA 6280, (please do not post Cash) at a frequency of your choice (perhaps monthly) and if you participate in the planned giving scheme, just include one of your envelopes or advise the number.

  2. Completing and returning to the Parish Office the attached Direct Debit Request to arrange for your Bank to credit the Parish Account on a frequency of your choice. The arrangement can be cancelled when our situation returns to normal, or you may find it more convenient to maintain.

  3. Direct Credit via your on line banking facility required details for which are: Account Name – Roman Catholic Bishop of Bunbury Busselton Parish BSB 086 006 Account Number 846789113 - Quoting family name and Envelope Number if applicable.

With thanks for your past generosity and in the knowledge that we have always drawn strength from our willingness to support our Parish and each other in difficult times, we trust that you may be able to consider this request to continue to do so now Sincerely Tony Wheeler on behalf of Fr. Jaybee and the Parish Finance Committee.

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