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This very friendly group meet in the Ned Kenny Centre (attached to St Joseph’s Church) every Tuesday between 1-4pm. Please bring your project along and have a cuppa and a chat while you work. Or perhaps you would like someone to start off your crocheted granny square? Everyone is welcome!

Sr Bernadette (a regular at the Tuesday Craft Group) received a letter of thanks from Wheelchair for Kids for the crocheted blankets recently sent to them. Every time Wheelchair for Kids sends a wheelchair to someone in the world they also send a rug and toys. The kids love them. In May a consignment was sent to the Burma Children Medical Centre on the Thai Burma Border and soon more will be sent to the Philippines and Burundi. Perhaps you might like to join the Craft Group? You can work on your own projects or help Sr Bernadette crank out some more rugs. Plenty of wool there to get you started.


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