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Prayer is the most powerful thing we can do for ourselves and others. Jesus prayed and spoke about prayer and told us to pray often. He also said that if we ask, we will receive. Prayers are powerful. They can help us feel better, loved, and comforted and some may also want to pray and give thanks for their healing journey or ask for prayers from others. Majellan have announced the launch of their new “Dial A Prayer” service. If you would like to use this service phone 03 9592 2777. You will be greeted with two options; you can either talk to a team member or record your prayer intention. (Press ‘2’ to record your prayer intention). The prayers will be sent directly to the Redemptorist communities in Australia where the caller’s intention will be included in their Masses and morning and evening prayers. Callers can remain anonymous if they wish. However, if a name and address is provided, the caller will receive a written reply from a Redemptorist priest. (


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