Easter Messages

The Cross of Jesus says that there is no dark place, no depth of human desolation, where Jesus is not present. Once he rises from the dead, nothing can keep him out. Our doors may be closed, but Jesus walks through closed doors. Jesus is in the darkness of COVID-19; it’s only a question of whether we have eyes to see him. Archbishop Mark Coleridge, Brisbane

By participating as best as we can with the on line TV radio etc, we are conscious that we are connecting with each other and indeed Christians around the world . Bishop Charles Guaci, Darwin

We should remember that we are an Easter people. May the light of Christ shine brightly in each of us. Bishop Robert McGuckin, Toowoomba

Our liturgical celebrations of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ will be restricted this year, but each person, each family can reflect on the story revealed in the Scriptures and the liturgical prayers. It is the good news that humankind and creation are being redeemed from sin and death. That each person who turns to Jesus Christ for forgiveness will find it. That each person who opens his or her life to him will be given the peace that is the fruit of forgiveness and the pledge of eternal life. Bishop Michael McKenna, Bathhurst

Easter Sunday is God’s answer to the despair Jesus’ first disciples faced and it is God’s answer to the deafening silence and distressing void which fills our lives now . Archbishop Tim Costeloe, Perth

The Cross was planted solidly in the earth, in our ground, where our trials and sorrows and vexations are. Christ stretched out His arms between Heaven and Earth, connecting the two worlds through His suffering and offering. He caught us up in that act, we with our own anxieties and worries and illnesses, and transformed them into the truth of the Resurrection. The great Easter shout, that Christ is truly risen, and therefore death and all diminishment has been transformed gives us strength. Bishop Gregory O’Kelly SJ, Port Pirie

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