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First Reconciliation

26/6/2020 Post:

CONGRATULATIONS to our Parish Children who this week celebrated for the first time one of the greatest treasures of our Church the Sacrament of Reconciliation. We thank the very many people who supported and guided them throughout this part of their journey. Simone Clews (Sacrament co-ordinator); Ross Thomson, Ashlee De Campo, Hayley Jensz (Class Teachers); Peta Somma, Vanessa Philp (Catechists); Tracey Parry, Sandy Liddle (Office Staff who organised rosters and Thanksgiving Cake); the families who journeyed with them and everyone who kept them in their prayers. Thank you!

19/6/2020 Post:

This week, 40 of our Parish children will make their final preparations before celebrating the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time. They will have discussed moral choices, contrition, confession, penance, and absolution; but most of all they will have learnt that our God, is a God of mercy and is always waiting for us to turn back to him. Please keep all the children in your prayers and perhaps reflect on how important this Sacrament of forgiveness and mercy is, in our own lives.

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