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There was once a group of people just like us who were Catholics and had a small church in a small village. In that village the majority of the people were not churchgoers or religious people but they were prepared to tolerate what they saw as these strange Christian people. However, one day the sheriff decided that he would challenge these Catholics to a real test of their faith. He and several of the men and women of the village burst into the church one Sunday, walked right up to the front and spoke directly to the priest: “If your Jesus Christ is as great as you think he is, then we want you to drink this bottle of deadly poison and we will see what Jesus does for you in return.” The people in the congregation were terrified and they shuddered with fear. The priest thought for a moment and then he asked the sheriff if he could have a quick parish council meeting in the sacristy. The sheriff agreed and off they went, the priest and the parish council. A few minutes later the sacristy door swung open and out came the priest and the parish council members. The sheriff addressed them, saying, “Well, are you going to drink the poison or not?” The priest looked at the sheriff and said, “We are so confident in the power of Jesus that we want you to drink the poison, so that when you drop dead, we can raise you to new life.”


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