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You all know we have a Craft Group who regularly meet on a Tuesday afternoon. For the most part they work on their own projects, but they truly are an excellent bunch and are always ready to give their hand to various worthy projects. Patchwork quilts have gone to our nearest and dearest; beanies posted to a children’s cancer group in Perth; knee rugs donated to local aged care facilities and beanies, blankets and shawls sent off to NATSICC’s project for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. They recently received a letter from ‘Wheelchairs for Kids Inc.’ thanking them for their support in donating beautiful, colourful crocheted rugs. The charity (based in Wangara) puts together a package of a rug, a teddy and a wheelchair and then sends it to disabled children around the world. Can you imagine the smile these children would have on their faces? Not just a gift of mobility and something to cuddle but the knowledge that someone cares.


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