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All four candles on the Advent wreath are brightly shining. The anticipation for Christmas is growing more intense. As the shopping centres get busier, the parties become more frequent, and the carols are sung louder and louder, how do we stay grounded in the quiet waiting of this season? One way to stay centred in the spirit of Advent is to reflect on a single word: Emmanuel, which literally means “God with us”. In one night, in one small child, in a humble stable, God came among all people in the most intimate way possible – as one of us. God, right here in our midst! Emmanuel in our joy. Emmanuel in our suffering.

Emmanuel in our celebration.

Emmanuel in our loneliness.

Emmanuel in our song. Emmanuel in our silence.

Emmanuel in our work and school.

Emmanuel in our home. God is with us in everything and through everything! In these final days of Advent, it can be very difficult to keep a sense of quiet and prayer with so much seasonal activity going on. Think about all the ways God is truly with you this week. Think about the ways you can make God’s presence known to those around you. Think about the ways you can keep the spirit of Advent alive even as everything around you speaks of Christmas. (Source: GPBS eNews December 2022)


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