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Today the Church asks each of us to pray for, or to consider a vocation to the priesthood or consecrated life. Each person in the community has a role to play in encouraging vocations – whether by prayer, encouragement or personal suggestion....... Sometimes the Lord uses us as his instruments to encourage vocations. Pope Francis Message for 2020 World Day of Vocations ‘Take heart, do not be afraid! Jesus is at our side, and if we acknowledge him as the one Lord of our lives, he will stretch out his hand, take hold of us, and save us.’ ‘The Lord knows that a fundamental life choice - like marriage or special consecration to his service - calls for courage. He knows the questions, doubts and difficulties that toss the boat of our heart, and so he reassures us: “Take heart, it is I; have no fear”. ‘Dear friends, on this day in particular, but also in the ordinary pastoral life of our communities, I ask the Church to continue to promote vocations.’ What can I do? Each one of us can do something for the future of the Church in our nation. We all want and need more vocations to the priesthood and consecrated life. What can I do? The most important and essential thing that each of us can do is to pray. Intentionally, regularly, insistently. Make a decision today to include a prayer for vocations in your daily prayers.

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