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There are only a limited number of spots available at Summer Camp so get in quick!

In 2024 the Diocesan Summer Camp makes its much anticipated return!

We promise 4 awesome days at our beautiful Catholic Youth Camp right on the beach in Busselton! There is great activities, music, games, inspiring faith speakers, unique prayer experiences and awesome people! For over a decade the Diocesan Summer Camp has been a life changing event for many young people - some of which you will meet and hear from on camp! This year’s theme is “POINTED – Put Out into the Deep” take from the Jesus calling His first disciples in the Gospel of Luke. Just like then, Jesus calls us to put out into the deep, put out nets down for a catch and follow him. By calling us into the deep and asking us to let down our nets for a catch, Jesus points us towards the person and Church He empowers us to be. What does putting out into the deep mean? What exactly does the deep mean for us as an individual and as a member of the Church? Even when we recognise what the deep is, how do we find the courage, wisdom and understanding to go out into it and to let our nets down for catch? Summer Camp 2024 will explore these questions while also creating amazing and fun experiences! If you like making new friends, music, games and are open to experiencing faith in new, exciting and challenging ways than come along – we would love to have you with us! This year there are only a limited number of spots available at Summer Camp so get in quick!


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