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Anyone feeling unwell or who has flu/respiratory symptoms, elevated body temperatures or have been in contact in the previous fourteen (14) days with persons suspected to have, or who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 are asked not to enter the church. Hand Sanitiser: to be used when entering and exiting church. Coughing: Should you need to clear your throat, please insure you follow hygienic practices and cough into your sleeve or elbow. If you have an actual cough, please consider the other people around you and wear a mask through Mass.. Pews: Cards have been placed on the ledges at 1.5m apart to allow social distancing to take place. Sign of Peace: A simple bow and a big smile—no handshaking.

Communion - Please receive this in the hand. Bulletin - Please take it home, read and recycle! Cleaning - Parishioners are asked to stay behind and help clean and disinfect the church in readiness for the next Mass. Wipes are placed on every 2nd pew for convenience.

Please do not start rustling the packets until after Father leaves the Sanctuary.


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