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Intercessions You May Wish to Pray this Week

For the whole Church : That in all her words and actions, she may bear true witness to the joy, peace and fullness of life which the Gospel of Christ brings. For civic leaders and health authorities around the world.

May they guide their people through this global health crisis with wisdom and courage. For those suffering directly from the spread of COVID-19, all who have lost loved ones, those who are fighting for their lives, and the frail aged : May they draw strength from the support of the whole community. For health workers of every kind in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes: May they remain safe and well in the face of the extraordinary demands being made of them For a spirit of neighbourly love : May we not yield to fear and self-interest but choose to put ourselves at the service of others. For the people of Malawi struggling with food insecurity and poverty : May our support for Project Compassion enable them to become more self-sufficient. For all our loved ones who have died; and also for those who have no one to remember them: May they be called forth from the darkness of death into the light of life.


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