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Last weekend, Fr Jaybee mentioned in his homily that “The language of God is love.” Some years ago, there was a book published on the 5 languages of love. It said we might not necessarily recognise one of the languages if it wasn’t our ‘primary’ language. There were questionnaires you could take to discover which was the main language, of either yourself or your loved ones. You could then demonstrate this language of love and thus help to nurture your relationships. Our most significant relationship is with God. God speaks all five languages fluently: Words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service, quality time and physical touch. (Just read the Bible to see the plethora of demonstrations of his love) Like the early Christian Church, we are a community of believers. We come together in thanksgiving to pray, to eat, and to hear and then go on to share the Good News. In the early Church, everyone contributed to the banquet. Paul refers, in the first letter to the Corinthians, to one person having a song and another person bringing a prayer. Whatever they had they brought it to the table for the good of all. Can you pray and discern what you might bring to the table? If you love people, you might greet; if you love reading, you might proclaim the word, if you have a strong voice, you might love to commentate, if you can point a finger, you might love to operate the laptop, if you can carry a plate, you might love to pass the collection and if you love to sing and play music, you might consider joining our music ministry. Acts of service, one of the languages of love, is the language of God. In the fledgling Christian community, all shared their lives and their resources. To help nurture this community, what might you bring to the table? Do let us know.


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