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Week by week, the Liturgy has been preparing us for the revelation to be made on this, the last Sunday of the Church year. Jesus, we have been shown, is truly the Chosen One, the Messiah of God, the King of the Jews. Ironically, in today’s Gospel we hear these names on the lips of those who don’t believe in Him - Israel’s rulers, the soldiers, and a criminal dying alongside Him. They can only see the scandal of a bloodied figure nailed to a cross. They scorn Him in words and gestures foretold in Israel’s Scriptures (see Psalm 22:7–9; 69:21– 22; Wisdom 2:18–20). If He is truly King, God will rescue Him, they taunt. But He did not come to save Himself, but to save them — and us. (Source: St Paul Centre of Biblical Theology) Jesus is our king. He frees us from fear and death. In his kingdom, we care for each other, especially the weak, the outcast, the sick, the despised, the sinners. He shows us how to trust in the Father, which is the only way we can be truly free. He shows us that love requires sacrifice, and that the sacrifice is worth it. He is the revelation of divine love. (Source:


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