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It’s been a tough year for many, both here in Australia and throughout the world. Fr. William G. Most wrote in his book ‘MARY IN OUR LIFE – Our Lady in Doctrine and Devotion’, "Today, when dangers far greater than those of the ancient Turks threaten not only Christianity but all civilization, we are urged by our Blessed Mother to turn again to the Rosary for help. If men in sufficient numbers do this, and at the same time carry out the other conditions that she has laid down, we have the greater reason for confidence that we will be delivered from our dangers." Please join us at 10am at St. Joseph’s, where we will meditate and pray the Rosary, each Saturday throughout October (the Month of the Rosary). The Rosary has the power to bring peace to a world in crisis and win the salvation of souls. On the last Saturday, 31October, we will be praying it as a ‘Living Rosary’ where each bead will be represented by a person. There is a list in the Church to put your name beside a number. Sixty people will be needed.


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