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Message from Bishop

Dear Brothers and Sisters MESSAGE FROM THE BISHOP As you are aware, the responsibilities of the role of Vicar General for the Diocese have been reviewed and updated. Then nominations were put forward by the priests of which priests could fulfil the new responsibilities - as has been the practice is all Western Australian dioceses and others interstate. Unfortunately, the misrepresentation of this process in social and print media turned into a focus on personalities. This has made it difficult to ask anyone to accept a longer term role as VG in the Bunbury Diocese. It has led also to much hurt, including to Fr Tony Chiera and his family. We all need time for healing. Yet, the responsibilities of VG need to be fulfilled for the good administration of the Bunbury Diocese. The Bishop must have a VG. Fr Tony has now resigned and will be taking a sabbatical break in 2023. Accordingly, I have decided to ask the most senior diocesan consultor, Fr Ian Johnson, to accept the role of VG on an interim basis. He will be fulfilling the responsibilities of the revised VG role, including celebrations of the Sacrament of Confirmation. Fr Ian is well known around the Diocese and a well experienced priest. We can all have complete confidence in his capacity to fulfil the role of VG. Again, I express my appreciation for the generous ministry of Fr Tony Chiera over 22 years. We look forward to him resuming full ministry in the Diocese after his well earned sabbatical leave. God bless, Bishop Gerard

Apology by the Bishop
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