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REPORT FOR 2021/22 Looking back on what we initially thought would be a fairly quiet year, 2021/22 actually proved to be a relatively busy one for members of the Finance Committee. Importantly, we were able to assist with the establishment of Risk and Safety cover for the Parish with Bill Middleton and Mike Damnjanovic kindly volunteering to share the role of our first Risk and Safety Officer and already, a good deal has been done to increase our compliance in this important area. Happily too, there has been real progress with the construction of the new presbytery and with brickworks currently approaching “plate height” there appears to be a good chance of completion before the end of the year. Maintenance and improvements were of course, our main tasks and aside from the more routine aspects, we:

  • Arranged, clearance and pruning of trees on the “Coles” side of St. Joseph’s Church.

  • Completed installation of CCTV and security lighting at St. Joseph’s.

  • Upgraded the CCTV system at Our Lady of the Bay.

  • Installed defibrillators at St. Joseph’s and OLB and organised familiarisation training for interested parishioners.

  • Upgraded projectors and rewired component connections for the audio visual equipment at OLB.

Currently we are working on the finalisation of our 2021/22 accounts, together with the formalisation of our 2022/23 budget and thanks to the continued commitment and generosity of you, our parishioners, we appear on track to return a surplus for the current year, notwithstanding the fairly heavy spend on the above improvements. And last, but by no means least, membership of our committee has been extended with the very welcome inclusion of Peta Somma to our small group. ............. (Tony Wheeler, Chair)


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