As with all of our Parish ministries, the Finance Committee has found it necessary to cope with some of the restrictions of Covid19 over the past twelve months, but thanks to the commitment and generosity of our parishioners, it is pleasing to note that we have finished the year in a sound financial position, with Planned Giving in particular, exceeding expectations. A more detailed presentation will be made when we have finalised our 2021/22 budget, but in the meantime it is good to know that we have coped well to date. Thanks to Greg Smith, our buildings and grounds have been kept in good repair and as well as finalising the sound system upgrade and provision of additional equipment for our young musicians at Our Lady of the Bay, organising repairs following vandalism at St. Joseph’s Church and storm damage to the fencing at the Old Convent building, together with removal of fence line trees behind the Parish Office and at the side of St. Joseph’s Church has also kept us busy. Our main focus though, has been preparation for the construction of the new Presbytery complex and as well as negotiating bush fire management, flora and fauna issues and City of Busselton requirements; site preparation to re-route a storm drain outlet and provide essential services to the building lot, have consumed a great deal of time and effort. Hopefully, we will receive a Building Permit shortly. Currently, work is in progress to install CCTV at St Joseph’s Church along with formation of our 2021/22 budget and finalisation of last year’s Planned Giving acknowledgements plus the usual day to day tasks of maintenance and paying the bills. Sadly however, membership of our committee has diminished during 20/21 and fresh help would be most welcome. If you are interested in assisting, please contact Tony Wheeler or Fr. Jaybee – details published weekly in the Parish Bulletin.