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Christmas is God placing an exclamation mark on his words, ‘I am with you!’ (Archbishop Peter Comensoli—Melbourne) As we celebrate Christmas this year, I invite you to gaze with wonder on this helpless baby, lying in his manger. Recognise in him the extraordinary love God has for you. Allow that love to be the foundation of your lives, a source of strength and hope in times of struggle and sorrow, and an inspiration for that reaching out to others with compassion and care which is the defining characteristic of life lived to the full, of life lived as a disciple of Jesus.

(Archbishop Tim Costelloe – Perth) We know that Christmas and New Year mean for all of us a new beginning and our hearts long for that. But it's a new beginning which is grounded in something so wonderful. God longs for us. God's desire is to be of one with me and with you and to share life with us. Our desire for new life and new beginnings is simply a mirror of God's desire; and our desires meet together on Christmas night when God came into the world as Jesus Christ. We are at one with God in this moment and that Christ child is for all of us our hope, our future ... (Most Rev Greg Homeming, Bishop of Lismore) Even if everything on our too-do list is not completed (gifts; cards; decorations; food; the requisite number of social obligations). Even if that list is only half done, if you find yourself in church at Christmas, if you find yourself at table with your family on Christmas day, and if you find yourself greeting your neighbours and colleagues with a little more warmth, you’ve made it. (Most Rev Mark Edwards Bishop of Wagga Wagga)


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