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Thank you for supporting this year’s Catholic Mission Church Appeal through your kind gifts and prayers.Your generosity makes it possible for people, through programs such as the Arrupe Centre, to continue reaching out and empowering people like Chen and his family. Thank you also to so many parishioners who have become monthly giving partners through our Cambodia Mission Partners program. For more information about the work of Catholic Mission in Cambodia and around the world, please contact our friendly team at: Catholic Mission - Freecall: 1800 257 296


Landmine accidents are still prevalent in Cambodia today. They are a cruel reminder of the country’s troubled past, even for those who were not yet born during the tumultuous years of the Khmer Rouge regime and ensuing civil conflicts. Today you have the opportunity through Catholic Mission Australia, to support the Arrupe Centre. This centre in Cambodia is led by Bishop Enrique Figaredo Alvagonzalez, and provides many children and families affected by disability with the support they need to lead fulfilling lives. Your one-off gift today is very much appreciated and will make a great difference to those in need in Cambodia and around the world. You may also choose to become a monthly partner, in which your gifts will fund community and child-focused programs run by the Church in Cambodia. New this year is the text giving option: Texting GIVE to 0488 854 436 (please include your parish name in the notes) Catholic Mission - Freecall: 1800 257 296 Please remember that our first task is to pray for missionaries and whether you can give a donation or not, please take the envelope to remind you to pray for the work of Catholic Mission.

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