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Members of our Craft and Coffee group are getting behind NATSICC’s new project for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Established to address a strong need, this project provides Packages to any Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander person (regardless of any or no religious beliefs) in the end stages of their life. Each pack consists of a handmade blanket (either crocheted, knitted or sewn), a notebook to encourage people to draw, write letters and record their stories, an Aboriginal shawl, beanie and a mask. (Blankets must be a certain size) Sally FitzGerald, the ACT Councillor on NATSICC and the driving force behind the project says, “The packs are very important to our people because many of our people live off Country and away from family. Having one of these Packs gives them a sense of belonging, of being cared for by their own people and that they are part of the wider Aboriginal community.” If you too, would like to support the project, contact the Parish Office for a pdf sheet about it or go to: NATSICC would welcome any support for the project, including items that can be included in the packages or donations. (We don’t have to sent the whole package, we can stick to the beanies, blankets and shawls.) You are also warmly welcome to come and work on this or indeed any project of a Tuesday afternoon with the Craft and Coffee Group in the Ned Kenny Centre between 1pm-4pm.


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