1. Hopefully, if everyone is well, The Liturgy Committee will meet this Tuesday (27 July) at 7pm.

  2. There will be a shared Supper in the Ned Kenny Centre after the 5pm Mass on Thursday (5 August), the first Thursday of the month. Mark it in your diaries. We will make it a curry night.

  3. Please mark Friday, 10 September in your diaries. We are holding a ‘Multicultural Evening’ in the Parish Centre of Our Lady of the Bay. We ask everyone to dress up (I’m throwing on a ‘Black Watch’ wrap as a nod to my Scottish grandparents ...... over some pretty ordinary clothing I might add). Maybe some of you could do a cultural dance, or song, or share a short story of your life back home. We are hopeful the Filipino band will play some music and then after dinner there will be a free for all dance for those who wish to stay on. We will start taking names in August but for now please think about coming, and if you can perform please touch base with the Parish Office now. Everyone who comes will be asked to bring a plate to share.

  4. Another date to get ready for is that long awaited ‘Garage Sale’. It’s now marked for Saturday, 9 October.