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  • The Liturgy Committee is seeking donations to purchase new flowers and greenery to replenish the tired old stock in both churches. Perhaps you would like to contribute to the cause if you are unable to help with the cleaning of the churches? Both ministries aim to make our churches as pleasant and as beautiful as possible. Please place your donation in an envelope marked ‘flowers’ in the collection basket, or leave with Di Mas or the Parish Office.

  • Many thanks to those who helped set up, clean-up and above all came to our Multi-cultural Evening last Friday. We especially thank those who entertained us: The Filipino band and folk dancers, Fr Gerome and Bill who both sang and Robyn who performed a Banjo Paterson poem. Thanks also goes to the many cooks; the food was delicious and plentiful. We had lots of fun trying to line dance to ‘Achy Breaky Heart’, so before next year’s show you might want to practice that and the Macarena. A bottle of wine went to Tim and Carol for the trouble they took to dress up on the night (though Vanessa looked fantastic once Carol showed her how to wrap her sari properly).

  • We have talented people among us, who bless the community with their gifts. We thank Julie who recently whipped up a half a dozen or so stoles that can be given to any baby/child at their baptism if they have forgotten to bring a white garment (a sign of being clothed in Christ and starting a new life free from sin). All children also receive a beautiful cross that Win has machine stitched. The CWL ladies may remember receiving one from her a couple of Christmases ago. They are exquisite.

  • Sylvia and John have donated the rose, ‘Apricot Nectar’, to the garden at Our Lady of the Bay Church. It is said the buff Apricot colour is unique in floribundas. The flowers are quite large, fully petalled and have a pleasant fragrance. If you too would like to donate a rose to the gardens at Our Lady of the Bay or St. Joseph’s please speak to Greg or Di, or contact the Parish Office.


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