Pentecost literally means 50 . It is a feast celebrated on the 50th day after the Passover feast by the Jews, and we celebrate it on the 50th day after the feast of the Resurrection of Jesus. The Jewish Pentecost was originally a post-harvest thanksgiving feast. Later Jewish writers viewed Pentecost as the commemoration of the giving of the law by Moses on Mount Sinai. Pentecost ranks among the great feasts of Christianity. On Christmas we celebrate the birthday of Christ in His Physical Body. Today is the birthday of the Church, of all those who have been reborn into His Mystical Body. It is the day when we celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit and the start of the Church’s mission to the world – a mission to bring people to God. Pope Francis said in a 2015 homily: The gift of the Holy Spirit has been bestowed upon the Church and upon each one of us, so that we may live lives of genuine faith and active charity, that we may sow the seeds of reconciliation and peace.

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