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3/4/2020 Post:

Dominic, forty-seven, is a father of six from Papua New Guinea. In 2016, he became involved with Caritas Aus- tralia’s partner, Centre of Hope, which runs safe house and family anonymous programs and turned a difficult life and an unhappy relationship around. Now a community trainer, he works with other men to help them to change their behaviour and build more harmonious family lives. Domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse and limited employment opportunities mean that many in PNG struggle to meet their basic family needs. Forty percent of its population live below the poverty line. Please help support the Safe House project and help bring greater harmo- ny to families in Papua New Guinea. A brighter future for men, women and their families can start today. Let’s Go Further, Together.

Please keep putting something aside for Project Compassion which you can hand in at a later date.

27/3/2020 Post:

Tawonga is a ten-year-old girl, living with a disability. She lives in a village in northern Malawi in a region plagued by food insecurity and poverty. For most of her life, her parents have struggled to put meals on the table. Tawonga often had to miss school because she was too sick from hunger. The family also faced discrimination in their community due to her disability. Since participating in a Caritas Australia supported program, (where her family learnt irrigation farming and were given fertiliser and high-yield seeds) Tawonga’s life has transformed. With your help, this transformational program can continue to empower vulnerable women, men and children, and strengthen the communities around them. Please keep putting aside something for Project Compassion which you can hand in at a later date. Pope Francis said, “No single person is more valuable than another, especially when it comes to those with disabilities.”

20/3/2020 Post:

In the Project Compassion story this week, we meet Sakun from India, an unmarried woman with a disability. As is the case in many countries, people like Sakun and her family are often ’out of sight’ when it comes to receiving the support and care needed to participate in the life of the community. Sakun was isolated and unable to earn a living until Caritas Australia helped her set up a thriving kiosk. Now involved in village decision-making, Sakun’s income is growing, along with her confidence.

Boxes and envelopes for Project Compassion are available in the Church.

13/3/2020 Post:

Barry grew up in a tough environment. With the support of a program from caritas Australia’s partner, Red Dust Healing (a cultural healing program which addresses family and personal relationships, and what may have been lifelong patterns of violence, abuse and neglect), Barry has overcome many of life’s challenges. He is now an inspirational father to his four girls and a leader in his community.

Boxes and envelopes for Project Compassion are available in the Church.