Caritas Australia would like to THANK YOU for supporting Project Compassion and a reminder that this is your last opportunity to pick up a box or envelope from the church for this year’s Project Compassion. You may bring them back over the next few weeks, or consider visiting to make your donation online. Your support assists women, children and men to break free from the cycle of poverty and to ’BE MORE’. Donations are tax deductible. 1800 024 413

20/3/2021 Halima is raising two children in a Bangladeshi refugee camp while caring for her mother, who has a disability. A Caritas Australia supported program helped her with a shelter, cooking equipment and hygiene training. Halima now earns a small income as a trainer, helping to maintain the health and cleanliness of her community.


Arsad, an Indonesian farmer, had no toilet at home and was often sick due to the practice of open defecation. Through Caritas Australia’s support, Arsad and his community improved hygiene and sanitation, and funded their own toilets. (Just as Jesus calls us to do, Arsad shared his gifts by assisting with the building of toilets for other families within his neighbourhood.)


Oliva, 22, could not read, write or count, and her business was losing money. Then she attended Caritas Australia-supported literacy and numeracy classes, and set up a home classroom to teach her neighbours. Now her classes, business and family are thriving, and she aims to become a pastor and run for local leadership.


Margret is a teacher at a vocational school for deaf students in the Solomon Islands that suffered long-term water shortages and damage from Tropical Cyclone Harold. With Caritas Australia’s support, Margret’s school installed water tanks, repaired cyclone damage and implemented COVID-19 prevention measures, and is now planning to boost food security.

19/2/2021 Jamila is a Rohingya refugee living in a camp in Bangladesh with her elderly mother and baby daughter. With the support of Caritas Australia, and through Caritas Bangladesh, Jamila has been able to access emergency food, shelter, counselling, and vocational training that will help to support her family. Bishop Gerard writes of Project Compassion, “It is the way the Church implements the call of the Lord to fast. ...... People are asked to go without something they normally spend money on and give the money to Project Compassion. The money is always welcomed by those lacking the necessities of life, but the Lenten spirit is to give money available because of the fast. LENT - A TIME TO RESET AND START OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD ANEW.