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I love the Feast of Christ the King. It reminds me of Jesus’ sovereignty in my life and over the world. This frees me from the worldly notion that I’m in charge of my life and answerable to nobody. And our reading todays shows us what kind of sovereign Our Lord is. He is not a remote king who enjoys ‘lording it over’ us. But rather, he is a king who came to serve, and we are to follow his example. At the end of our life we will be called to account on how well we have done. It can be easy to say we love and serve Jesus. But in today’s reading we learn that the real test is how we have loved and served others, for in doing so, we have loved and served Jesus.

  • Have we clothed the hungry and fed the poor or given a drink to the thirsty?

  • Have we visited those in prison or even the lonely family member who is shut inside their home?


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